NJEA could be factor in 14th District race

“In 2007, the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) endorsed then-Assemblyman Bill Baroni for state senate and two candidates for assembly: Democratic incumbent Linda Greeinstein (D-Plainsboro) and Republican candidate Adam Bushman. 

Now Baroni is leaving the senate for the Port Authority, opening up the potential for a primary between Greenstein and Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo (D-Hamilton), who the union passed over for Bushman, to run against whoever Republicans pick to fill Baroni’s seat.   

Will the union again endorse Greenstein over DeAngelo in a district where, due to its large proportion of public workers, its endorsement is influential?  Too early to tell, says NJEA spokesman Steve Baker.  

“We’ll do what we always do: we’ll look at who is running and compare their records on education, and I’m sure we’ll be supporting the candidate with the best record and a plan for public education,” he said.

Baker would not go as far as to say whether Christie’s feuds with the NJEA would factor into the election.

“It’s hard to to predict what’s going to happen eight months down the road in an election,” he said.

  NJEA could be factor in 14th District race