NOW-NYS to Paterson: Come Clean

The president of the New York State chapter of the National Organization for Women said Governor David Paterson has to be “up front and completely forthcoming” about allegations that he and the state police contacted a woman who was tired without success to file a domestic violence complaint against a top gubernatorial aide.

In a brief interview this morning, President Marcia Pappas said there’s “still some clarification that needs to happen.”

She said it was unclear whether the governor did indeed reach out to the alleged victim. The Times said he did. The Daily News quotes an aide saying the woman reached out to him.

“The only thing we can say about that is that if the governor had tried to influence a vicim of domestic violence, we would consider that extremely inappropriate,” Pappas said.

The organization, she said, wants to send a signal to the governor that domestic violence is a serious issue, and 

“We live in a society that will not tolerate violence against women,” Pappas said. “We want to make sure we’re sending that message to him. He needs to upfront and forthcoming about everything he knows in order to continue to have the trust of the voters of New York State.”

In a radio interview this morning, Paterson declined to discuss whether he spoke with the alleged victim, saying the matter is now under investigation by the state attorney general. NOW-NYS to Paterson: Come Clean