Obama as Corzine

Trivia Question — A Democrat Chief Executive elected by an overwhelming margin cannot convince overwhelming Democrat Majorities in the Legislative Branch to enact his agenda, and faces increasing public opposition to his policy center-piece, despite efforts to sell it personally to his constituents.  Who is it?

Sound like Jon Corzine?  Actually it’s President Obama, and he risks going the way of Jon Corzine if he continues hell-bent on forcing change on the nation that is not accepting his brand of health care reform, higher taxes, and growing deficits.

Like Jon Corzine banging his head against the wall at town hall forums where thousands of citizens ridiculed him and his toll plan, President Obama and his handlers are not hearing the voters of Massachusetts, nor are they heeding the citizen un-rest that leads to Tea Parties and the mass exodus of “safe” Democrats declining to face the voters for re-election to Congress.

And like Jon Corzine who enjoyed Democrat majorities in the Legislature yet faced a “budget crisis” every June, President Obama and the Democrats appear unable to govern even though they have 59 percent of the US Senate and a similar majority in the House.

Our tone-deaf President seems nothing like the finessed, disciplined campaigner of 2008.  That he and his advisors cannot find a dignified retreat from unpopular – and rejected – policies suggests more than being tone-deaf politically.  It reveals an arrogance and incompetence that will likely lead to large Republican gains in November.

Just like Jon Corzine’s personal millions did not prepare him to be a good politician or Governor, Obama and his advisors cannot see that his relatively narrow win (52%) in 2008 was only possible because of the historic economic recession, grossly unpopular GOP President, and a campaign war chest of nearly $800 million, compared with $250 million for his opponent.

November’s election will decide whether voters believe Obama has strayed too far from the center.  From all appearances to date, voters are preparing for a major correction.

Obama as Corzine