On Paterson, Eric Adams is Patient


Eric Adams, a state senator and former police officer, said it’s possible that David Paterson can stay in office and negotiate a budget while there’s an investigation into whether he inappropriately interfered with a woman trying to file a domestic violence complaint against one of Paterson’s top aides.

But when I asked Adams if he thought Paterson should seek election, he said, “I think that’s his call to make.”

“The test of a true champion,” he said, “is not how well you’re doing when you’re winning the fight, but how well you can continue to fight while you are bleeding.”

“Right now he’s bleeding and it’ll test his ability to be a champion,” said Adams.

Adams said he’s not going to announce who he supports for governor until after the budget is worked out. The reason?

“You endorse too early or too late, and you get surprises like this,” he said.


  On Paterson, Eric Adams is Patient