Palin: Testing the Tea Waters

Last night, when Sarah Palin took the stage at the first ever Tea Party Convention in Nashville, TN to the sounds of cheering from those who could afford the $300 price tag for the dinner, she was clearly testing the waters for the 2012 race for President. If my memory serves me correctly, the first tea party—the one up in Boston cost zilch. And the folks who attended dressed up in costume. The folks last night were dressed in their Conservative best.

Palin, becoming well known more for her “Quip Conservatism” rather than true conservative values, had President Obama right in her sights. She poked fun of his intellectual prowess, by declaring that, “To win that war [on terrorism], we need a commander in chief, not a professor of law,”.” Yup, we were better off with someone like Bush as Commander-in-Cheif who told us with his cowboy imperialism to “Bring’em on!”, with regard to terrorists. Or someone like Palin who could not name a Supreme Court decision she’d disagree with or name a single newspaper or magazine she reads. Or said “Ohh, good, thank you, yes,”  after a Canadian prank caller complimented her on the documentary about her life, Hustler’s “Nailin Paylin”. 

Yup, that’s who we need in the White House. Someone who declares that “I will live, I will die for the people of America…This party that we call the Tea Party, this movement, as I say, is the future of politics in America.” As long as there is a $100,000 price tag for speaking.

However, I leave with this warning from radio-show host Lionel, posted on Facebook: 

“Laugh at Sarah Palin at your own peril. She’s a superstar among a very volatile and very angry electorate. Tea baggers mobilize; they show up; they vote. How many Obamanation acolytes have receded into the woodwork and retreated to their keyboards and keypads? And finally, if anyone else had said what Palin said about Obama, you might have very well agreed. You just can’t believe she’s this big.”



Palin: Testing the Tea Waters