Proposal to mandate training for college trustees released by committee

The Assembly High Education Committee released a bill on Monday that would require board members at colleges and universities to complete a training program.

A-1557, sponsored by Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt (D-Cherry Hill) and Patrick Diegnan (D-South Plainfield) requires board members to receive training within six months of their appointment in the following areas: Information concerning governance responsibilities; Ethical standards; Due diligence; The requirements of the “Senator Byron M. Baer Open Public Meetings Act” and the open public records law; Issues associated with laws on privacy; Fiduciary responsibilities of board members; and the types of financial, organizational, legal, and regulatory issues that come with being a governing board member.

“This is truly a commonsense piece of legislation,” said Lampitt, who chairs the committee, “Managing multimillion dollar institutions of higher learning, funded in large part by taxpayer dollars, should require standardized, mandatory training.”

The Assembly Higher Education Committee released the measure by a vote of 7-1-2. It now heads to the Speaker, who decides if and when to post it for a floor vote.

The Commission on Higher Education would be required to provide the training directly or specify approved entities that could provide the training. In all instances, the Commission would certify the completion of training by each governing board member.

Proposal to mandate training for college trustees released by committee