Report: Sette to receive challenge for GOP chairmanship

Fred Snowflack of the Daily Record reports that Vincent Schindel of Parsippany plans to challenge veteran Morris County Republican Chairman John Sette.

“With great pride and humility I am announcing my candidacy for Chairman of the Morris County Republican Committee,” Schindel said in a statement. “A lifelong Republican, my experience and involvement includes being an original organizer of the Morris County Republican Clubs Alliance many years ago. The Alliance meets regularly with 29 municipalities. Our goal is to foster communication and cooperation among the towns and to advance Republican values. We have divided the County into regions to sponsor group meetings in different venues and special activities to help our elected officials be in touch with their constituents and GOTV.”

Republican chair since 2002, Sette said he has a proven track record and intends to win a fifth term in June.

“Since I’ve been chairman, we’ve elected more Republicans and raised more money and elected a Republican governor,” said Sette, a party fundraiser since 1982.

He’s unimpressed with Schindel.

“We created a position for him to be a liaison between the local Republican clubs and the committee and in five years he never came to a meeting,” said the chairman. “I don’t know what his platform is. His platform is we need more communication? He’s the one in charge of communication, and he’s done nothing.”

Report: Sette to receive challenge for GOP chairmanship