See the passport photos of the rich and famous (and dead)

In 1918, Ernest Hemingway was 18 years old, unpublished and on his way to war. He also had a brutally dorky haircut and a passport picture to show it off. Thanks to this fascinating collection of Jazz Age portraits via Flickr, we can all rest assured that it doesn’t matter who you are
—we all suffer the indignity of the passport photograph.

There are lots of famous faces to be seen —F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald (he is smirking, she looks like a silent-film siren); a ghostly engraving that shows Walt Disney (age 17 but looking closer to 14) on his way to work for the Red Cross in Europe; and the Marx brothers—Harpo leans forward, leering, and Groucho smiles, without his greasepaint moustache. Other albums are worth a look too, as they feature the athletes, illusionists, poets, actors and musicians of the Harlem Renaissance—all tired of waiting in line and ready to go back to doing whatever made them famous.

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