A clever and entirely endearing new music video

It may come as a surprise that the dancing treadmill guys from YouTube are actually a legitimate band. But we suggest checking out OK Go’s latest and most inventive music video, featuring “This Too Shall Pass,” from their new album, Of the Color of the Blue Sky.

Dressed in deep purple marching band suits and equipped with accordion, xylophone, bass drum and snare (and eventually the entire Notre Dame marching band), OK Go perform in a swampy field on an overcast day. And they really are performing. Unlike with their previous videos, in which band members lip-sync to a prerecorded track, this song was recorded during the shoot—an impressive feat that lends the video the sort of perfect imperfection that makes OK Go endearing, funny and fun to watch. Not to mention the song itself, which is a catchy tune worthy of both your computer and your stereo.

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