The Maddow Factor?

In this morning’s Washington Post, Howard Kurtz detailed Rachel Maddow’s role as a driving force in the effort to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

It was on The Rachel Maddow Show, after all, that Lieutenant Dan Choi–who has become a poster boy for the controversial policy–challenged the military to enforce the policy when he came out of the closet, in direct violation of military rules. (After meeting with Mr. Choi, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand began to press for a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell hearing, and the story’s photo shows Ms. Maddow and Ms. Gillibrand speaking after the Senate hearing.)

Ms. Maddow tells Mr. Kurtz that her brand of journalism isn’t advocacy of the kind you see on Fox News. To which Fox apparently replied: “These feelings that she experienced about Fox News didn’t stop her from applying for a job here.”


Politico‘s Michael Calderone fact-checks. “I have an agent who I assume talks to everyone on my behalf, so I have no reason to believe that Fox’s claim that they were approached on my behalf is false, even if I never knew anything about it at the time,” Ms. Maddow explained. “Let the record show that I also had a really pleasant conversation with Roger Ailes at a Christmas party once, that I shook Bill O’Reilly’s hand at Terry McAuliffe’s book party, and that I’m 99 percent sure Glenn Beck passed me in a green Bentley once on the Merritt Parkway.”

Besides, Ms. Maddow was positively un-Fox-like on Meet the Press yesterday, with her spirited support of the administration’s decision to Mirandize terror suspects and her assertion that tax cuts were “least stimulative things in the stimulus” bill. The Maddow Factor?