Today in Local Sports Coverage: How Much A Finger Is Worth

It’s Day Two for the big story about Rex Ryan’s middle finger.

In the Daily News, Bob Raissman says the media was quite thankful that Ryan injected some fun into the interminable Super Bowl hype.

Once that picture of a smirking, finger-popping Ryan began circulating, do you think anyone in the media was saying, darn, I wish this never happened?

Or, this is something so distasteful it pains me to comment? Were those who characterized Ryan’s action as offensive imploring their newspapers and Web sites not to publish the picture of the coach’s crass act?

The short answer: No.

It turns out the NFL might not even be that upset about it. The Post reports that Commissioner Roger Goodell might defer if the Jets hit him with an internal fine. Ryan almost certainly won’t get the $250,000 fine the league levied on Titans owner Bud Adams, who went for the double-barrelled, single-finger salute in the press box, at a game, on national television.

“There’s a distinction between conduct such as that during a game or at the team’s facility or during a press conference and conduct that occurs away from the game,” the source said.

Apparently a mixed martial arts match is much more palatable.

Stephon Marbury has taken his antics about as far from public view as is geographically possible. He talked to Marc Berman yesterday via Skype. From Chinia.

The Post awoke him from his rare slumber at 2 a.m. China time. China is 13 hours ahead of New York.

“It was great to be back on the court,” Marbury said. “Basketball is my job, and I was excited about being able to be back out on the court and do what I love to do. It’s a great experience. The fans are great. They show real love.”

The Nets aren’t feeling the love at the Meadowlands, so they’re taking their 4 wins (and 42 losses) and going to Newark.

“I think the arena in Newark will be good for us,” said center Brook Lopez. “I can’t say if it will mean we’ll get better crowds. But it’s a good-looking arena and it worked very well for an NBA game when we were down there in preseason. The atmosphere was very good.”

Today in Local Sports Coverage: How Much A Finger Is Worth