Today in Local Sports Coverage: Jeremy Shockey Misses Higher Learning

Both of your tabloids go for the same post-Super Bowl layout this morning. The Saints’ game-clinching interception return is on the top half of the front cover and an exultant Drew Brees holds the Lombardi Trophy on the back.

Was it overly cynical to think one of them might run a Jeremy Shockey photo on the back? Apparently it was, though the former Giant malcontent gets some ink inside. Shockey, who caught the go-ahead touchdown for the Saints, didn’t sound bitter about his Giant days.

“I’ll always have great memories of everywhere I went. If it was up to me I’d stay in college all the time, but that’s not the rules.”

People who stayed in the Ninth Ward got a visit from the Daily News‘ Mitch Abramson. The results were quiet.

Firecrackers could be heard from afar and the distant sounds of car horns echoed in the night, but it was mostly silent on the streets of the Lower Ninth.

Gary Myers thinks either the Jets or Cowboys will be celebrating this time next year. 

It would be just the Jets’ luck that after a 41-year Super Bowl drought they finally make the game and then have to deal with playing in Jerry Jones’ billion-dollar palace in Arlington with 80% of the 100,000 fans rooting against them.

Jets fans would probably take that kind of bad luck, though Myers doesn’t think it will end well.

Super Bowl XLV prediction: Cowboys 31, Jets 20.

Phil Simms predicted that two-point conversion in the fourth quarter wouldn’t be overturned, but then, after the commercial break, said it might be. Bob Raissman liked that.

“We were informed during commercial why it (the ruling on the field) could be overturned,” Simms said.

The call was overturned. Simms didn’t have to say anything. Viewers would have assumed he was the original source of the info he presented. Showing the kind of respect he has for viewers, Simms went the other way.

In the Post, Phil Mushnick was less happy with the way it was presented.

Only one complaint. The replay review that gave the Saints a two-point conversion and a seven-point lead was shown five times by CBS, all in slo-mo, which was not how the play was or wasn’t made or called on the field. Did the replay official see it only in slo-mo?

You make the call on LeBron James’ comments about the Knicks yesterday.

“They have some really good players, some really good shooters,” James said when asked about the Knicks. “When they’re not shooting the ball well, they’re not very good because they don’t get to the paint a lot.”

The Daily News says that shows “the Knicks appear to be the last thing on his mind.” The Post is more sanguine:


“I got a very busy schedule. You guys already know what my schedule is — what’s going to happen this summer,” James said. “I got to take care of business [first].”

That’s not a bad sign for those convinced he’ll be a Knick next season.



Today in Local Sports Coverage: Jeremy Shockey Misses Higher Learning