Twitter Triumph for Conan

Unemployed comedian Conan O’Brien has begun to tweet. The Internet is listening. O’Brien’s first missive:

Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help me.

Twitter is apparently an ideal venue for O’Brien, whose fan base has grown more rabid as his job situation has grown more tenuous. The L.A. Times reports that O’Brien’s follower count had snowballed before he even authenticated his account—he had supassed the Jay Leno page’s 30,000ish followers within “barely one hour.” This morning O’Brien’s got 235,619 followers.

Of course, the two comedians take very different approaches to the medium. Sample Leno Show tweets:

Recently Jay shot another fun promo for The Tonight Show. Here’s a sneak peek of Jay in his red-hot outfit:

Since you liked that promo shot, here’s one more!

Jay’s got a message for you direct from the set of his upcoming promo! Take a look:

Twitter Triumph for Conan