Two People Stand By Their Governor


Somewhat suprisingly, there are still some people willing to get up and say they still support Governor David Paterson.

City Councilman Robert Jackson said not only is he attending Paterson’s campaign event in Harlem this weekend, he’s going ahead with plans to endorse him.

“I’m not concerned at all,” said Jackson after a press conference at 250 Broadway. “I think that every individual, no matter who we are, have some issues and concerns in their family lives.”

Jackson praised Paterson for asking the attorney general to do an investigation into the situation, and said, “I don’t know what else people can ask for.”

“I stand with our governor,” Jackson added.

In an interview, the chairman of the New York County Democratic Organization, Assemblyman Keith Wright, said, “I’m supporting my governor.”

Wright also defended Paterson’s alleged phone call with the woman who was trying without success to get an order of protection against Paterson’s aide, David Johnson, and who also told a court that state police officers were harassing her into not filing a complaint.

Wright said Paterson’s discussion with the woman was appropriate.

“All my sources indicate that whatever conversation he had with her was only to console her and to see if he could be of any benefit to her, my sources tell me. And it was a very short conversation.”


Two People Stand By Their Governor