Weiner Tired of Democrats Bowing to Altar of Moderation

Anthony Weiner–long one of the most outspoken proponents of a more liberal health care plan–issued a statement on President Obama’s proposal this afternoon.

“[T]his bill is a 51 vote plan and not a 60 vote plan – that is great news. Democrats wasted a year bowing to the altar of Olympia Snowe, Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson and it got us nowhere,” Mr. Weiner said.

But he still lamented the lack of both a public option and a robust national insurance exchange.

“These concessions to Republicans are in the hopes of winning their support. This will simply not happen. We need to stop bargaining against ourselves. Who are we making concessions to? Republicans have shown over and over again that they have no interest in real reform. They are the Party of No and the status quo,” the congressman wrote.

The White House has said it’s up to Majority Leader Harry Reid to decide whether he wants to push a public option through a reconciliation vote–a move that Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand both support.

The Washington Post cobbled together recent polls for each of the prescriptions and found that the president’s patchwork proposal should be a big hit. Weiner Tired of Democrats Bowing to Altar of Moderation