After That Tough Vote, a Plea for Money

Upstate freshman Democratic Rep. Scott Murphy voted in favor of the health care reform bill yesterday, and today, he’s out with a fund-raising emailing noting he’s being attacked for that vote.

From Murphy’s email to supporters:

By taking a stand against the status quo, I have already come under attack.  Glenn Beck and Dick Morris of Fox News singled me out this week as the number 1 target of the national GOP, and declared it their mission to defeat me in November.   The National Republican Campaign Committee has already launched dishonest attacks to try to intimidate me.  And now that unlimited corporate spending in elections is allowed I will need to be able to combat these lies and make sure our positive message is heard.

Murphy’s plea for money is, in a way, the other side of the coin of the threat from liberal groups and labor unions that threatened to support third-party challengers to any Democrats who voted against the bill.

How much will they raise for Democrats who voted in favor of the bill?

  After That Tough Vote, a Plea for Money