And It Begins

The Observer‘s 8 a.m. event with Governor David Paterson got off the ground around 8:45.

The Mr. Paterson made a quiet entrance into Club 101 in midtown for a one-on-one (or one-on-two, as it was) with former city councilman Ken Fisher and Observer editor Kyle Pope. 

The flashbulbs went off as the governor emerged. The  event–which was scheduled before The New York Times reported on the governor’s alleged intervention in a domestic violence case, which led to the end to his election campaign one week after it began–is stocked with print and video press. The two tables aren’t nearly enough, leaving quiet a few members of the press standing. CNN, NBC, CBS, Reuters, the Daily Beast, and the tabloids all RSVP’ed, and appear to be among the nine cameras at the back of the room.

Emcee Walter McCaffrey began by saying Paterson could have been elsewhere this morning–alluding politely to the governor’s political problems.

Paterson, when he took to the podium, picked up on the comment, and joked, “I’m surprised I could be anywhere.”

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And It Begins