Buccos won’t endorse in Morris Freeholder race

TRENTON – Don’t look for the Buccos to get involved in the Morris County Freeholders race, says Assemblyman Tony Bucco (R-Boonton Twp.).

“We’re not issuing an endorsement,” said Bucco, son of state Sen. Anthony Bucco (R-Boonton Twp.). “We’ve made a decision not to get involved. Let the people decide.”

Incumbent freeholder Jack Schrier, Doug Cabana and Jim Murray are pursuing re-election as a team.

Buccco bested his brother-in-law Cabana last year in an agonizing contest for assembly that wounded the combatants and strained family relations.

Mayor John Krickus of Washington Twp., Christine Myers of Mendham, Parsippany Councilwoman Anne Grossi, Tom Mastrangelo of Montville, and perennial candidate Ed France are challening the incumbents, according to Morris County GOP Chairman John Sette. Buccos won’t endorse in Morris Freeholder race