Carroll says ‘flunkie’ shoudln’t be on state payroll

A Republican legislator wants former Gov. Jon Corzine to reimburse the state for the salary of his transition staffer, Josh Zeitz.

“It disturbs me that our erstwhile former governor is continuing to run a failed political campaign on the taxpayers’ dime,” said Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-Morris Township), in reference to Zeitz’s role as Corzine’s spokesman and defender. “This guy is, apparently, a campaign flunkie, and should absolutely not be on the public payroll.  If Jon Corzine wants to defend his legacy, let him write a book.”

Outgoing governors receive a small budget for a transition staff, usually to help with archival and scheduling responsibilities during the first six months out of office. Carroll says ‘flunkie’ shoudln’t be on state payroll