Catsimatidis Supports Levy, Keeps Door Open to Cuomo

Here’s a little more about the candidate Republican-turned-Democrat-turned-Republican John Catsimatidis is supporting for governor.

In the Republican primary, he’s backing Steve Levy over Rick Lazio, whom Catsimatidis said has raised “chump change” for his candidacy.

But in the general election, Catsimatidis said he’s uncommitted. Late last year, Catsimatidis made at least three contributions to the all-but-announced Democratic candidate, Andrew Cuomo.

“We’ve been friends for 20 years,” Catsimatidis told me.

When I asked about Catsimatidis’ contributions to Cuomo, the campaign’s finance director told me back in January, “Two of the Catsimitides in-kinds were for the use of a plane for campaign travel by the Attorney General. The $5,000 in-kind was for a reception that Mr. Catsimitides hosted for the Attorney General’s campaign.”

Catsimatidis Supports Levy, Keeps Door Open to Cuomo