Christie wants Legislature to adopt Boxer recommendations

Guidlenes issued to state agencies by Comptroller Matthew Boxer to make it harder to unlawfully profit from government contracts has caught the attention of Gov. Chrisopher Christie.

“The Governor was impressed by the recommendations and would like to see them addressed legislatively, not just as recommended best practices.  It’s basic good government,” said Christie’s spokesman, Michael Drewniak.  “Frankly, we all should be suspicious of anyone who opposes the recommendations.  As New Jersey history has shown, there is just too much room for favoritism and corruption in the municipal contracting process.  While at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, both the Governor and Comptroller prosecuted many contractors and public officials for the conduct the Comptroller described.  It really was like shooting fish in a barrel because it was so commonplace.”

Earlier this month, Boxer e-mailed his recommendations to 1,500 government entities. Among Boxer’s suggestions was for government agencies to switch auditors every ten years.  That could affect the embattled New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority (NJSEA), whose auditor, Deloitte, has been in place since the 1990’s.  The NJSEA audit is running nearly one year late. Christie wants Legislature to adopt Boxer recommendations