CNN Still Very Pro-America In Lou Dobbs’ Old Slot

CNN has settled on a plain title for John King’s new 7 p.m. show: John King, USA. (Via TVNewser.)

The patriotic-sounding show will be the permanent replacement for the departed Lou Dobbs, whose zeal for America was, shall we say, unquestioned.

In a promotional video—which has him taking batting practice at Fenway and rolling down highways in the heartland—Mr. King explains that the simple name simply means they’ll have reporters looking for stories all over the country. “The mission incorporated in that most important part of our title is that, even though we’ll spend most of our days in Washington, D.C., we’ll always have people out their roaming the country,” Mr. King says.

“You cannot cover national politics just by being in D.C.,” he adds, right before the strumming guitar gives way to chirping crickets.

Mr. King also says he very much enjoys reporting, going back to his days as an intern in Providence. “I was already deep in like,” he reminisces, “then I fell in love.”

CNN Still Very Pro-America In Lou Dobbs’ Old Slot