Cranbury officials back Wright

Cranbury Township Committeemen Win Cody and Jay Taylor have endorsed Barbara Wright for State Senator.

“Wright represents the values we hold dear — financial accountability, honesty, and integrity.  Barbara Wright represented us admirably in the state assembly and we are encouraged that she is willing to represent us once again,” said Cody and Taylor.  “At a time when we need to focus as one we should be thankful to have a respected and experienced leader such as future State Senator Barbara Wright answering the call.  It is therefore with full and forth right support that we endorse Barbara Wright for State Senator.

Wright, a former four-term Assemblywoman from Plainsboro, faces Hamilton Councilman Thomas Goodwin in a special election convention on Thursday for the State Senate seat vacated by Bill Baroni, the new Deputy Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Cranbury officials back Wright