Crime Waves: ‘Throwing the Book at the Hulking Murderer’

After a rough February, March is off to a similar start: there are machetes in The New York Times. Police shot and wounded a machete-wielding man in Brooklyn after receiving reports of “an emotionally disturbed person,” reports The Times.

The Daily News describes this person’s weapon merely as “a knife.”

Elsewhere: a Queens man strangles a would-be car thief, toommates fly into murderous rages, cops use crazy slang, and a convicted art-forger faces a law suit for hoarding a non-forged painting.

Finally, the Post is mad that paralyzed criminals are getting early parole and glad that a mugger was convicted of murder. William Hill got 25-to-life forkilling 81-year old Jacob Gerstle while robbing him in an elevator:

“I’ve tried dozens of murder cases in my career,” the judge said in throwing the book at the hulking murderer. “This is one of the most brutal crimes I’ve had to face.


Crime Waves: ‘Throwing the Book at the Hulking Murderer’