Dear Old Brearley Will Welcome Media Machers

In a few weeks, the Upper East Side girl’s private school Brearley, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary, will be swarmed by media stars.

On May 8, News Corporation chief Rupert Murdoch will serve on a panel, as will his daughter Elisabeth Murdoch, a Brearley grad, sources told the Transom. Let’s hope Rupe’s gotten over Matthew Freud, Elisabeth’s husband, telling The New York Times he didn’t care much for his father-in-law’s man at Fox News, Roger Ailes!

Katharine Weymouth, The Washington Post’s publisher and granddaughter of Katharine Graham, will be representing the class of 1984. New Yorker articles editor Susan Morrison and photographer Annie Leibovitz, proud mothers of blue-uniformed Brearley girls, will both be speaking.

Also on the list of featured speakers and panelists: Times foreign reporter Alissa Rubin (1976), Times metro reporter Anne Barnard (1988), writer Judith Warner (1983), author Clara Bingham (1981) and Brooklyn iconoclast Katie Roiphe-who graduated with Ms. Murdoch, in 1986, and told the Transom in an email, “I am happy to go back to brearley and speak at a place that had such enormous influence on me, of course. But that doesn’t seem exactly newsworthy…..”

These gals are so modest!

Dear Old Brearley Will Welcome Media Machers