Debating Health Care: Zablocki, Jones, Koch

Two former candidates from last year’s city elections, plus a Democratic operative, got into a back and forth exchange on my Facebook page when I asked readers who were the winners and losers from the health care vote last night.

Alex Zablocki, a Republican who ran for public advocate, said, “we already have health insurance programs that cover the uninsured” and that “this bill hurts New Yorkers” and “we’ll have to pay more.”

Saquan Jones, a Democrat who tried unseating Al Vann, responded: “if I have to pay more so someone in Alabama is covered then so be it!!”

Zablocki’s response: “as a resident of NY, I shouldn’t have to pay for the failures of poor leaders in other states. This is a State issue.”

“How in your right mind can you say” that, responded Eric Koch, a Democratic operative now at home with BerlinRosen. He went on to rattle off how the bill would benefit New Yorkers.

Fun times. Debating Health Care: Zablocki, Jones, Koch