DeFilippo: Van Blake ‘disappointed’ as freeholder

Union County Democratic County Chair Charlotte DeFilippo says Freeholder Rayland Van Blake is a nice guy.

“I like him, he’s charming, but he has a tremendous amount of commitments,” she said of the Plainfield freeholder she relieved of the party line this morning.

“There’s a place for any good Democrat in the party,” DeFilippo added. “He’s just disappointed. You have to decide, or people will decide for you. People didn’t see him at a lot of things – your involvement in county events has to be higher than the average person’s – and people are disappointed. Do I like him? Absolutely. I just think he has to focus on one thing.”

Van Blake’s allies believe they have a Plainfield version of Cory Booker in the making in the television actor with a financial background, a former footfall standout in Plainfield.

But star power potential wasn’t enough for DeFilippo, who said Van Blake simply didn’t dig substantially enough into the freeholder job during his single term in office.

The county chair denied she intends to fill the seat with a candidate from Linden.

“I fully expect there will be a candidacy out of Plainfield,” she said. “There will be somebody else who’s high energy. It will be somebody from Plainfield.

“Would I take a Lindenite if no one was available?” DeFilippo added. “Absolutely.”

The party will have a candidates’ screening on Wednesday night.  DeFilippo: Van Blake ‘disappointed’ as freeholder