DIFFA and Dat: Mr. Cindy Crawford Swings From Chandeliers

Every spring DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) hosts an alliterative gala, Dining by Design. The event commissions creative types to design a table for the dinner, which this year resulted in a multicolored, corporate-sponsored Candyland at Pier 94 on Monday, March 22.

In sky-high heels and a navy sequined Cavalli mini, model Cindy Crawford made every woman around her look like a hobbit. “I just launched a home line with J.C. Penny, so it just made sense,” Ms. Crawford said, bending down to speak with the Transom.

Her table was country kitchen-meets-Martha Stewart Wedding: robin’s egg blue walls patterned with diamond tiles of bright copper pennies: “Our inspiration was an eat-in kitchen that was elegant but still accessible.”

Ralph Lauren designer Alfredo Paredes showcased a Hamptons Classic-inspired table with a show-ribbon chandelier and polished saddles suspended in each corner. “Doesn’t it just make you feel like spring!? I mean we really wanted something that broke the doldrums of winter,” he eagerly told the Transom.

Designer David Stark‘s table featured iPhone “flames” balanced atop oversize candelabras. “The last couple of years, we’ve been very poppy and bright, so we thought it would be really nice to find the middle tones,” he said.

Harry Daniell turned his Poggenpohl-sponsored table into an haute Casbah complete with sand floors, thickly draped tenting and lanterns and, of course, every Bedouin staple: Hermes stemware. A neat row of blue and white hotel slippers and furry pink slipper socks edged the sand pit. “I fully expected that women would be in heels, and as a designer, you know, you have to think from start to finish,” Mr. Daniell said. “I intend to be fully barefoot, because I think it’s a celebration of the space, and I did get a pedicure this morning.” He flailed his hand vaguely in the direction of his feet. A bare-torsoed young man had struck the lotus position in the middle of the sand. “He’s a trained yogi, and he will be welcoming the guests to Morocco,” Mr. Daniell said. “He’s also a design element.”

In front of the yoga tent, nightclub owner Rande Gerber, better known as Mr. Cindy Crawford, stood talking to a middle-aged couple.

“Now does everyone in Malibu have money?” the male half asked earnestly.

“Well, I mean, there’s like a trailer park there,” Mr. Gerber said, “but other than that it’s mostly … most other people are definitely a high social class.”

DIFFA and Dat: Mr. Cindy Crawford Swings From Chandeliers