Does Anna Wintour Watch TV?

Anna Wintour claimed last month that she was eager to see Andre Leon Talley’s stint as a judge on America’s Next top Model. But in a new interview with New York, Talley expresses doubt:

Has Anna seen the show now that you’re on it?
Oh no, Anna doesn’t look at television. Maybe tennis. Just tennis.

She’s not a fan of reality TV?
Well, we haven’t discussed it, but I don’t think she’s a television-watcher. I’ve been to her home many times and I’ve never seen her watch the TV.

Does she own one?
I … I don’t know! I never even realized! I don’t recall her having a TV! There’s certainly no TV in her living room. I think there may be a TV in her guest room.

To be fair, Wintour’s statement was “I look forward to watching him on the program,” which does not exactly scream “regular viewing habits.”

Does Anna Wintour Watch TV?