Elsewhere: Cuomo Snags a Hevesi Aide


A former top aide to Alan Hevesi pleads guilty.

Tom Robbins said it’s bad news for Hevesi and Hank Morris.

Marc Raybin: “Loglisci admitted to abdicating this authority to Henry Morris, the top political adviser to Hevesi, in order to direct hundreds of millions of pension fund dollars to politically favored firms.”

Defense lawyer: “While those around him made millions, Loglisci never asked for a single cent from anyone.”

New York lawmakers are try saving $1 billion in Medicaid.

Jewish Press for Joe Lazar.

Ben Smith, officially too famous.

Monserrate’s logo, just like Obama’s.

Reporter: “Do you have any kind of allies in pushing for an impeachment at this time?” Lawmaker: no.

Carl Paladino huffs and puffs.

Steve Barnes throws salt at Felix Ortiz.

Rush Limbaugh doesn’t know the law.

Spitzer, the movie.

And here’s the cover of Metro, which says Paterson is the product of Eliot Spitzer and Ashley Dupree.

  Elsewhere: Cuomo Snags a Hevesi Aide