Elsewhere: Fullington vs Weaver, Cox vs Long

Budget negotiations go through the weekend.

John Catsimatidis likes Steve Levy.

Kevin Fullington hits John Weaver.

Ed Cox hits Mike Long.

Michael Bloomberg has doubts Dick Ravitch’s plan will pass.

Ruth Hassell-Thompson was taken out of the capitol on a stretcher.

Tom Suozzi reconsiders his opposition to term limits.

Peter Rivera’s opponent spoke with Roberto Perez.

School closings get blocked.

Maggie Brooks took the stand for more than an hour.

John Eligon reports: “ ‘It’s not illegal to have a drink in our system and drive in our state,’ ” Stacey Richman, Mr. Powell’s lawyer.”

And pictured above is graffiit at the 51st Street train station that says, “News.” Elsewhere: Fullington vs Weaver, Cox vs Long