Elsewhere: Levy’s WFP Past, Paladino’s Jail Threat

Anthony Weiner got a letter with a swastika on it.

Big problems at School District 16, reports Lindsey Christ.

Paterson says brace for austerity.

Paladino vs Nadler is going to be fun.

Paladino: “I’m gonna try like hell to send Sheldon Silver to Attica. On the way to Attica.”

Chris Cox looks nationwide for money.

Lazio acts like a front-runner.

Levy supported universal health care.

Levy gets good reaction from Republican Assemblymen.

Levy: “Latino voters are just as much against illegal immigration as anyone else.”

DioGuardi rolls out conservative endorsements.

Queens waits for the race to replace Jose Peralta.

Gillette hangs out with Blago and Breslin.

Rock Hackshaw celebrates an anniversary.

MTA cutbacks were approved.

The last V and W trains will run on June 25.

Here’s the impact in Inwood.

Lander and Viverito write in The Nation: “The Bloomberg administration has done little to confront inequality, preferring instead a trickle-down economic approach. And the Mayor has frequently undermined grassroots democracy.”

John Liu finds “no formal distribution policy” exists between the Manhattan DA and the City.

A former Council aide is now in a half-way house.

Biden-inspired haikus.

A picture of Lazio with Long and Mondello.

And here’s Paladino’s comments about wanting to lock up Silver.

Elsewhere: Levy’s WFP Past, Paladino’s Jail Threat