Elsewhere: Massa Inches Out, Paterson Hangs In

The D.N.C. Chairman leaves it all up to David Paterson.

Archie Spigner: “Our governor is doing a great job.”

Paterson says he’ll clear his name.

Maggie Haberman waits for Paterson’s schedule.

Surprisingly, I think, Gay City News has a lukewarm reaction to Andrew Cuomo’s gubernatorial campaign.

Seiler and Vielkind chat about, what else?

Sean Carroll tries getting Eric Massa’s side of the story.

There’s pressure on Massa to resign.

Which will happen on Monday, according to, um, everyone.

Ruben Diaz Jr. creates a Kingsbridge Armory task force.

Commenters yell at Hiram Monserrate.

The Bloomberg and Beyonce caption contest gets a little bit wacky.

And one more Bloomberg-Beyonce photo because…why not? Elsewhere: Massa Inches Out, Paterson Hangs In