Elsewhere: Morelle Ducks, Lazio Leads, Hiram Hiring

Joe Morelle got a brink thrown at his office.

There’s grumbling abut ousting Ed Cox.

Hotline notes Lazio will use the 1974 argument.

Lazio leads Levy among Republicans.

[W]hen GOP voters are told Levy is a Dem, they flock to Lazio by an even wider margin.”

A Levy aide dismisses the poll. It “was conducted while Levy was still a registered Democrat.”

Lazio: “I fully expect to be in the race until Nov. 2.”

Ballot Access says the field will be more crowded than the current poll suggests.

Lazio shook hands.

Jon Cooper: “[L]ost all respect for Steve Levy.”

A major wine-store supports letting grocery stores sell wine.

A cop was shot, but is recovering.

Jet Blue is staying.

And pictured above is Hiram Monserrate’s FaceBook page, showing he’s looking to hire someone who can type at least 75 words per minute and “take dictation” for a “two week writing project.” Email him at “HiramNews” at Gmail.

Elsewhere: Morelle Ducks, Lazio Leads, Hiram Hiring