Elsewhere: Shouting at Monserrate, Waiting for Cuomo

Ruben Diaz Sr. on Monserrate winning: “Impossible.”

“This just in, being Hiram Monserrate sucks ass.”

Monserrate said he had “a terrible incident” happen to him.

John Schiumo (and me too!) want your predictions in the Monserrate-Peralta race.

Give Espada some money.

Jay Jacobs is patient.

Dinapoli gets an endorsement.

Paterson will try to get the Aqueduct deal done, again.

Silver waited for Schumer to finish speaking before leaving.

Koch gives Paterson 10 days before he’ll end up resigning.

The Charter Revision Commission meets on Thursday.

David Dayen expects Tim Bishop to vote “yes” on health care.

Maybe Bishop will get a free pass from the G.O.P. if he votes no.

Christiane Amanpour may be going to ABC.

Just in time for Persian New Year!

Mike Long plays G.O.P. referee.

Scott Murphy wants to read.

Rick Lazio couldn’t get to an upstate G.O.P. event on Saturday.

Eric Adams has a virtual town hall.

And pictured above is Michael Bloomberg, who made people happy at a Lower East Side event where he and others announced money for housing.

Elsewhere: Shouting at Monserrate, Waiting for Cuomo