Eye Opener: Charm Offensive

The Times continues to drop stories of sketchy Paterson behavior–now he has a “key role in abuse case.” [NYT]

The authors of Game Change got $5.3 million from Penguin Press for a sequel. [NYP]

Joseph Gregory was the “Brutus” of Lehman, says a new book. [Bloomberg]

NYU launches a “charm offensive” pre-expansion. [NYT]

MoMA imagines buildings for a drowning New York. [NYT]

Expense account meals are a cause for optimism. [WSJ]

As are $200 helicopter commutes. [Bloomberg]

Here are the games you will able to play IMMEDIATELY on the iPad. [BI]

Unprompted smackdown: Gabourey Sidibe has “zero chance of ever appearing on a future cover of Vogue magazine.” [NYDN] Eye Opener: Charm Offensive