VSL// This year’s most artful music video

The music video has been enjoying a mini-renaissance lately (thanks, Lady Gaga!), and now makes a bid to enter fine-art territory, courtesy of the clever and well-executed video for “70 million,” by the band Hold Your Horses.

Their concept was simple: reenact—using face paint, cardboard cutouts and lots of drapery—a lineup of classic paintings while performing their new song. Their portrayals are impressively orchestrated, surprisingly accurate and really pretty funny. For Rembrandt’s Anatomy Lesson, an otherwise stiff corpse fingers a keyboard; Da Vinci’s The Last Supper features Jesus pounding a pot with a couple of salad spoons; and Botticelli’s Venus strums an advantageously placed guitar. Plus, the tune itself is infectious! Coming from the lips of goddesses, saints and lovers, it makes for art worthy of the adjective “fine.”

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