Fired by Perez, Schillari stunned, outraged

Faced with getting dumped from his job, Hudson County Sheriff Juan Perez dumped the man who wants his job, in a move the allies of Undersheriff Frank Schillari say is nothing less than an outrage.

“Today, a highly regarded law enforcement professional was treated like a criminal by Sheriff Juan Perez,” said Schillari spokesman Paul Swibinski, who has taken the reins of Schillari’s presumptive Hudson County Democratic Organization-backed challenge to Perez.

“Hudson County Undersheriff Frank Schillari was fired today,” Swibinski said. “He was given no legal notice. Sheriff Perez’s brother in law came into his office at 10:30 this morning with an officer from Internal Affairs and gave him a letter telling him he was being terminated immediately.”

Swibinski said Schillari was given no reason for his termination, no justification. 

“No budget concerns. No performance issues. They demanded that he leave the premises immediately and watched while he packed his personal items,” Swibinski said. “This was a cowardly and foolish act by Sheriff Perez. It is illegal to fire someone for political reasons. Schillari’s firing is clearly a political retaliation and a violation of his civil rights.



Fired by Perez, Schillari stunned, outraged