Gooch versus Little

EAST BRUNSWICK – Whatever happens, she’s still thrilled by the atmosphere, says heavy underdog Highlands Mayor Anna Little, who’s onstage now at the Middlesex County Vocational with her 6th Congressional District rival, millionaire newspaper publisher Diane Gooch.

Little gives a no-notes, step away from the podium, people-power speech that connects on a gut level with the crowd.

The power structure is bailing out the rich, the poor and illegals, while sticking it to the middle class.

They love it here. 

“Our representatives aren’t listening because they are not representing the people, they are representing political agendas and special interests,” says Little.

Big rousing applause.

Now Gooch is up. This will be tough. Little was good.

“With Reaganomics, we had opportunity,” says the favorite, who starts with her business background biography and there are murmurs in the crowd that suggst they’re not with her early.

But then Gooch transitions to real world issues. Healthcare. homeland security.

No notes. Passion.

She builds up the speech to underscore her belief in the wrong-headed course of the Obama era.

“Let me ask you, do you think Frank Pallone feels safe?”

Shouts of support.

The crowd loves Gooch, too. 


Gooch versus Little