VSL// Stephen Hawking + smashing watermelons = must see video

Super slo-mo action set to a soundtrack of techno beats and Stephen Hawking—not exactly the first combination one thinks of, right? But that’s what we get with the odd and yet completely mesmerizing short film Pink Terror.

Created by Mike Barzman and Christian Swegal, the two-and-a-half-minute video uses a phantom camera that takes 1,800 frames per second to slow everything down to the point that each miniscule movement must be carefully observed. And there’s a lot to observe! A masked man throws a flame, swings a tire iron, sets off firecrackers and smashes a watermelon so completely that Gallagher would be jealous. We can’t pretend to fully understand what it all means—particularly the Hawking audio—but it’s utterly compelling viewing that you should see for yourself.

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