Inverso endorses Goodwin for Senate

Former State Sen. Peter Inverso (R-Hamilton) has endorsed Thomas Goodwin to fill his old seat in the New Jersey State Senate.  Goodwin, a Hamilton Councilman, will face former Assemblywoman Barbara Wright (D-Plainsboro) in a special election convention next Thursday to replace Bill Baroni (R-Hamilton), who resigned to become Gov. Christopher Christie’s top executive at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Inverso held the seat for sixteen years until his retirement in 2007.  Wright was Inverso’s running mate in 1991, 1993 and 1997, making the ex-Senator’s support for Goodwin especially helpful.  Goodwin also has the backing of Baroni, Mercer County GOP Chairman Roy Wesley, and Middlesex County GOP Chairman Joseph Leo.

“We are very fortunate to have individuals of the caliber of Hamilton Councilman Tom Goodwin and Barbara Wright willing to serve the people of the 14th legislative district during these dire economic times for our state,” Inverso said in a statement released today.   “I have the utmost respect and admiration for my dear friend and former colleague, Barbara Wright.  As part of the Inverso-Kramer-Wright legislative team she served the people of our district with distinction and honor.”

“However, I believe that Tom Goodwin offers our party the best opportunity to retain the Senate seat in November by uniquely providing a blend of his qualifications, his strong record of municipal government service, and the political demographics of the district,” said Inverso.  “Tom enjoys a strong base of political and constituent support earned through his outstanding governmental service.”

Inverso says that he has known Goodwin for years as a businessman, civic leader and elected official, and that they share many of the same core values and perspectives.

“We both consider it the highest of privileges to be elected to public office and to be entrusted with the awesome obligations of public service,” said Inverso.   “Tom’s record as councilman clearly demonstrates that he will be a fiscal conservative voice working to curtail and cut wasteful spending and ease the tax burden on our overtaxed families and businesses.   As our next Senator, Tom Goodwin will be an effective legislator who will continue the legacy of placing the people of the 14th district first and foremost in helping design solutions to the problems our state now confronts.”

Goodwin, a Councilman since 2005, said he wants to continue the Inverso-Baroni model of “quality representation in the State Senate.”

“To bring real change to Trenton, we need tough leaders who know how to cut wasteful spending, who have experience making tough decisions to balance budgets, and who will bring about meaningful ethics reform,” Goodwin said. Inverso endorses Goodwin for Senate