Items! Fan Letter, Survivor’s Guilt

GIANT BUNNY at the Prospect Park Zoo.

The Times is still all over that 30 Rock insult/shout-out.

Shia LaBoeuf, master of money. Maybe.

NPR works on its vocabulary.

Michael Musto on 25 years at the Voice: “I have all kinds of survivor’s guilt. It’s like I’m indestructible.”

Buyout time ends at ABC.

After what was surely exhaustive analysis, Time Out New York publishes a list of the most stylish New Yorkers.

J.D. Salinger’s fan letter to Hemingway.

Bill Deresiewicz: still annoyed at the Ivy League.

The CW changes its mind about online viewing; Gossip Girl audience is pleased.

Items! Fan Letter, Survivor’s Guilt