Items! Starbucks, SAT Scores

Tim Geithner Month continues, with another exclusive interview. [CNBC]

The last homeless man in Times Square. [NYT]

The Journal comes to Starbucks. [AdAge]

A building in Williamsburg collapsed. [Curbed]

And the front of one in Bed-Stuy. [Bed-Stuy Blog]

Crain’s does its 40 Under 40. [Crain’s]

Lockhart Steele thinks Nick Denton is an awesome boss. [FishbowNY]

SAT scores determine success only if your main goal is to sell your eggs. [Slate]

Bank of America is feeling the wrath of the Finger family again. [Dealbook]

Ed Koch thinks Ray Kelly will run for mayor in 2013. [NBC New York]

One of Tiger Woods’ many mistresses says she’ll be at the Masters. [NYP]

Ricky Martin: gay. Also, writing a memoir. [Ricky Martin] Items! Starbucks, SAT Scores