Items! Taxi Scam, Salt, ‘Telephone’

The Awl has plenty to say about the “Telephone” video. [The Awl]

Michael Bloomberg’s girlfriend, Diana Taylor, is considering a run for Senate. [NYP]

Why does Bloomberg dislike Kirsten Gillibrand so much? [NYT]

A guy who works at the capitol also might run. [Times-Union]

David Paterson fills his vacancies. [NYDN]

The guy who wrote that 2,200-page “best seller”-like report on Lehman Brothers. [WSJ]

An $8 million taxi scam! [NYP]

Executive pay at The Times. [Editor & Publisher]

Tina Brown predicts “a golden future” for impoverished writers. [TBI]

GLAAD says “Stars on Ice” discriminated against Jonny Weir. [NYDN]

Being against salt is like being against Puerto Rico. [NYDN]

Items! Taxi Scam, Salt, ‘Telephone’