John Mack and Hank Paulson Cast Too Big To Fail

Apparently, Hank Paulson is still pushing On The Brink, his 477-page dry heave of a memoir–“a portrait of the bureaucrat as a nauseous and drowsy man,” as our own Max Abelson put it. So while Timothy Geithner is busy justifying the bailouts to Vogue readers, Mr. Paulson was at N.Y.U. last night for a predictably dry appearance with former Morgan Stanley C.E.O. John Mack.

But Mr. Mack, who is both fairly entertaining and has a surprising Southern drawl, baited Mr. Paulson into a laugh line–about the impending film version of Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Too Big To Fail.

“It’s clear in talking to him that DeNiro is going to be play me,” Mr. Mack said. “There’s talk that Danny DeVito is going to be Lloyd. So my question is who should play you in the movie?”

“Oh my goodness,” Mr. Paulson said, leaning forward and clearly startled by such an unserious question. “What I’d like to do is bring back a young Paul Newman. But I’m afraid you’d have to bring back Yul Brynner.”

For that little gem, you can either watch the whole thing, or skip the first 59 minutes and 23 seconds.

  John Mack and Hank Paulson Cast Too Big To Fail