‘Magic Wall’ Will ‘Co-Anchor’ John King’s New CNN Show, Preview Today

Everywhere you look in TV news these days, glass ceilings are shattering.

Female anchors now outnumber men on the broadcast evening news shows. Christiane Amanpour broke up the Sunday morning broadcast boys club when she was named the anchor of ABC’s This Week.

And now, at long last, an inanimate machine is claiming its rightful place in front of the cameras as the first non-human co-anchor of a primetime cable news show.

Congratulations, Magic Wall!

CNN sent out a press release today, announcing a noon preview of John King’s new show (John King, USA), which is set to debut on March 22 at 7 p.m.

“Every night, John will use his ‘co-anchor’ the Magic Wall as a window on America–a way to connect the country and see what is going on outside the beltway,” reads the release. “With the help of special guests and new technology, John once again will get behind the numbers to humanize today’s current events.”

The Magic Wall will humanize us all!

Flashback: In the spring of 2008, we profiled the Magic Wall (and its creator, Jefferson Han).  

  ‘Magic Wall’ Will ‘Co-Anchor’ John King’s New CNN Show, Preview Today