March 24, 2010 There’s an old joke:

March 24, 2010    There’s an old joke:

Doctor Jacobs finished his examination and informed Herman that he was in perfect health. “But what about my headaches?” Herman moaned.
“I’m not at all worried about your headaches,” Dr. Jacobs replied.
“If you had my headaches, doctor, I wouldn’t worry about them either,” said Herman.

 Well it finally happened.  The lowest of low. More headaches. I got a scam call this evening from the following phone number:
 If you see the above number on your caller ID don’t answer. It’s a company that started off with the following pitch: “today Pres. Obama signed the new health care plan. Now you and your family can take advantage of this right now over the phone. Our plan would cover you and your family up to 60% of all of your medical costs including dental. More than 90% of the doctors in America are signed onto our plan. There’s no problem with pre-existing conditions, all your prescription drugs are covered, and you and your family can save tens of thousands of dollars each year on medical costs.”
 Can you believe the gall of some people? Well I decided to take the call and I asked the guy a bunch of questions like: would your plan cover my primary care physician? Is my primary care physician in Flemington on your plan? Is my cardiologist on your plan? Is my chiropractor my dentist my optician on your plan? And what was his answer?
“Of course! 90% of the doctors in America are on our plan! And if your doctor is not on our plan we will send a social worker to him to negotiate a lower cost for your medical needs. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea? You and your spouse can benefit from all of this for only $99 per month that special promotion and I can do it with a credit card right now over the phone which credit card would you like to use?”
Well, I asked the gentleman on the phone if you could send the information in writing. And he said “well I’m not to send you anything in writing because this is a special promotion just for today. I mean if we hang up the phone and you sign up later on I have to charge you and your spouse $400 a month. Anyone would be crazy not to take this offer right now. Tell me why you and your spouse would want to take advantage of this right now? So which credit card would you like to use?”
Well I pressed for the plan in writing, and he put me on hold and told me his supervisor would be with me shortly. After about a minute or so the phone call disconnected.
So watch out for this scam, you probably will be hearing about it soon in the news. By the way, I Googled the number of  603-214-3687, and it was not bring much help. All I got were listings of many other people who complained about the same thing, a call from an organization called, “affordable healthcare”.
And I thought the biggest problem with this bill was going to be the Republicans.

March 24, 2010    There’s an old joke: