Monserrate Using Dinkins, Pu-Folkes on Web Site

Hiram Monserrate got in trouble recently for poaching Barack Obama’s slogan and logo.

Now, on his web site, Monserrate features not only a picture of former Mayor David Dinkins–who has not endorsed anyone in this race–but also a two-year-old campaign video featuring Bryan Pu-Folkes, a local activist who no longer supports Monserrate.

I have a call into Dinkins’ office for comment.

Pu-Folkes’ campaign manager said they did not authorize the current use of Pu-Folkes’ comments in the latest video, and were set to issue a press release criticizing Monserrate for it.

UPDATE: Pu-Folkes is out with a statement saying Monserrate isn’t fit for office. 


In light of multiple transgressions, Hiram Monserrate is not in a position to effectively and honorably represent our communities.    We are facing an unprecedented fiscal and ethical crisis in Albany and we need leaders who will be the solution and not part of the problem,” Pu-Folkes said.

Monserrate Using Dinkins, Pu-Folkes on Web Site