Morning Read: Cuomo Blinks, Monserrate Prays

Michael Bloomberg reached a deal that could give 9/11 rescue workers $657.5 million.

Those who claim to have physical illnesses that have not been confirmed by doctors would collect $3,200 — the minimum payment.”

The Post edit board slams Andrew Cuomo for handing the Paterson probe to Judith Kaye.

The news is A1 of The Times.

Bill Hammond hits Cuomo for handing off the investigation two weeks too late.

Cuomo dropped 22 points in poll among non-whites while handling the Paterson probe.

Dicker notes Cuomo’s move came while “facing declining poll ratings.”

Tom Precious: “Until Thursday, all indications pointed to Cuomo being involved in a full investigation,” but, “Cuomo called that work ‘preliminary.’ “

Vielkind: “Sensing a political minefield, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo recused himself.”

A brief Judith Kaye bio.

Paul Grondahl: Lloyd Constantine is the conscious Eliot Spitzer never had?

With AEG out, the Aqueduct deal will have to call for bids again.

Also, say good-bye to that $300 million payment.

Michael Saul runs a small Dan Senor item.

Ben Adler at Newsweek says the place he knew as ‘the mafia room’ later was used by the Brooklyn Democratic party.

Steve Levin opposes development plans for the Domino Sugar factory.

Nancy Pelosi said she only learned of the Massa accusations the day he resigned.

Pelosi’s office maintains…vague talk of bad language did not merit any action from her staff.”

The Times gives just enough support for Ravitch’s budget plan.

The Post slaps Bloomberg for criticizing Ravitch: “whipping out the credit card to dodge short-term pain is hardly a new concept for Albany.
Or Mike, for that matter.”

The Daily News calls it “New York’s only hope for a future.”

The Peralta-Monserrate race: a gay marriage litmus-test.

Queens Chronicle: “Monserrate said he has been praying a lot lately. Twice a day, in fact.”

Monserrate: “One incident does not negate 25 years of service.”

More trouble for the Arroyos.

And pictured above is a protester at last night’s Monserrate-Peralta debate.

Morning Read: Cuomo Blinks, Monserrate Prays