Morning Read: Massa Unloads, Bishop Caves, Paterson Prays

Democratic Tim Bishop of Long Island is giving back all the money Charlie Rangel gave him.

Rangel did not yet get endorsed by the New York County Democratic Committee.

Eric Massa: “You think that somehow they didn’t come after me to get rid of me because my vote is the deciding vote in the health care bill?”

Massa: “Now they’ve gotten rid of me and it will pass.”

Kevin Hardwick thinks Massa’s seat will go Republican.

Dick Ravitch and Andrew Cuomo met at the Water Club.

David Paterson: “I shouldn’t be listening to the god of the media.”

“Exclusive photos of aide’s gorgeous ex.”

Fred Dicker: “[N]o law, court decision or regulation prohibited Paterson from defending himself publicly.”

The Democrat and Chronicle says Paterson should talk, now.

Paterson prayed at Hakeem Jeffries’ church.

Peter Kauffmann quit because of Paterson’s lying, according to unnamed sources.

Steve Levy’s candidacy may be helping Andrew Cuomo.

Eliot Spitzer’s people didn’t understand what it meant when they heard David Paterson “enjoys partying,” writes Annie Karni.

Republicans flirt with Levy as the Conservative Party backs Rick Lazio.

EJ McMahon argues against a deficit borrowing plan Richard Ravitch may, or may not, announce shortly.

Who would be Ravitch’s L.G. ?

Jimmy Vielkind looks at a Ravitch administration.

If only Barack Obama voters supported Bill Thompson.

N.R.C.C. robocalls say Mike McMahon voted for Obama’s health care bill, when, in fact, he voted against it.

Adam Lisberg has more on the charter revision commission hearing.

Michael Bloomberg supports the soda tax.

State cutbacks may shutter some senior centers.

Adam Clayton Powell IV still hasn’t gone to trial.

The Post says Christine Quinn‘s M.T.A. plan is a form of “rank demagoguery.”

Barbara Clark’s nonprofit is down the street from her district office, and does similar work.

And pictured above is Eric Massa, during a “business tour” in his district.

  Morning Read: Massa Unloads, Bishop Caves, Paterson Prays